You will earn a share of profits from all game tokens

Our goal is to be the #1 Crash Game on any chain





A simple and fun game where you can multiply your crypto instantly! The longer you can hold your nerve, the more you can win.

Gamers can play with 4 tokens and we will be adding a new one each month.


1. Revenue Share

You earn a slice of profits from all our game tokens.

This is currently 50% and our plan is to increase this.

Since we launched our NFT collection on NEAR we have averaged a payout of 0.268 NEAR per week per NFT. Or 10.2 NEAR if you held since mint. The mint price was 10N.

In mid August 2023 we are porting our NEAR collection to Solana to accelerate our growth. Our goal is to rapidly increase our holder payouts.

2. Cross Chain

Our games and revenue come from NEAR, Solana, Aptos, SUI, Arbitrum, Polygon & Bonk.

Next up are Ethereum and Bitcoin with more coming each month.

As a holder you will earn from each new token.

Gamers playing with Solana, NEAR and Aptos.

3. Tried & Tested Growth Strategies

Since launching on NEAR mainnet in August 2022 we have tried and tested different marketing strategies.

4. Revenue Generating & Profitable

Over $1 million USD volume since minting on NEAR in October 2022.

5. Proven Business Model & Holder Return

  • Sold out mint in October 2022
  • Current floor at 4x mint
  • Delivered 80% of initial ROI to minters in four months.

6. Clear Goal

Our mission is to be the number crash game on any chain.

Rather than compete with the multitude of casinos (either white label or custom) our strength will come from standing out as the best Crash game experience.

7. Experienced In-House Team

Our founding team of four has been developing the game for over a year and are still building every day together.

We have strong in-house skills and experience across development, marketing and partnerships.

8. Best Crash Game UI

We are highly regarded as offering our gamers the best crash game user experience across any chain.

9. High Engagement

Crashers love our game and we have extremely high engagement.

10. Strong Community

Our community of gamers and holders are central to our success.

Many of our gamers have been playing since we launched on mainnet.

Many of our gamers are also holders.

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We minted on NEAR in October 2022.

Giving NEAR holders the option to port their NFT on Solana means that we can be part of the conversation on a chain with more gamers.

Although we are planning beyond purely attracting from the NFT communities – Solana presents an opportunity to onboard many more gamers than if we kept our NFT collection solely on NEAR.


1. Partnerships

NFTs are all about communities.

We offer partners community driven events such as raffles and Clash events (Think poker nights).

We also offer additional revenue streams for partners through our affiliate programme.

El Cafe Cartel (NEAR)
Bruh Bears (APTOS)

We’ve partnered with 15 projects across NEAR, Solana Aptos.

We have also been commissioned to add $BONK by the Bonk Inu team.

We’ll be adding more chains very soon. If you’re on NEAR, Solana or Aptos we’d love to hear from you.

2. Bonus Bet Campaigns

Through offering free game credits we can incentivise new players to try Moonshot for free.

We can offer these for our partner DAOs as a way to onboard new players from their communities.

3. Community

Building on our highly active gamer and holder community to promote our game word of mouth.

4. Affiliate Programme

Enable and support our most vocal supporters to earn commissions on referred gamers.

5. New Game – Double

Moonshot type game that complements our rocket game but with a more group driven element.

6. Adding Tokens

We added four tokens from October 2022 to Mach 2023. NEAR, Solana, Aptos and Bonk.

In April we added Polygon and Arbitrum.

Our goal is to add one new token each month.

Gamers playing with Solana, NEAR and Aptos.

7. Scalable / repeatable marketing plan

We can adopt and refine each time we add a new token to reach new communities on each chain.

8. Giveaways – Raffles & Crash Events

We can host raffles for tokens or NFT prizes.

We can host events for communities. Think pokers nights, but playing Moonshot.


Our single aim is to increase game volume. By doing this we will offer strong holder value through weekly rewards.

Every development, design or marketing activity is preceded with the question: Will this activity increase game volume?

Depending on the strength of the answer will determine how we prioritise every strategy and encompassing activity.

We will keep our holders up-to-date with regular communications across our roadmap.

For an example of how we develop our game – see our milestones below.

Working in this sector we need to stay agile and be able to pivot and develop quickly.

This is why we don’t have set dates or tasks on a roadmap that are 100% likely to change.

Why will Moonshot.win succeed?

Moonshot has six characteristics that will make it a popular and successful game.


You wager on an increasing multiplier that grows until it randomly crashes. You cash out before the crash or lose the wagered amount.


Everyone has equal probability to win and all crash outcomes can be proven as fair. We use the provably fair algorithm and every game is unique and clear.


Every game at Moonshot happens in real-time. You can chat and have fun with your fellow players as everyone is playing the same game simultaneously.


Web3 is a highly immersive 24/7 world. The Moonshot game runs around the clock so it’s always available to play.


No information except your public Near address is stored. We require this to track your site balance.


We are a highly skilled, experienced in-house team of developers, designers and marketers who love NEAR, NFTs and Web3 communities. o create, develop, support and market this requires a strong team.

We will keep our holders up-to-date with regular communications across our roadmap.

For an example of how we develop our game – see our milestones below. Working in this sector we need to stay agile and be able to pivot and develop quickly.

This is why we don’t have set dates or tasks on a roadmap that is 100% likely to change.

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