Why Partner With Moonshot

  1. Additional DAO Revenue Stream – Earn ongoing game fees with new gamers referred with your affiiate link.
  2. Offer Your Holders Bonus Games – We’ll give your holders an opportunity try Moonshot for free.
  3. Host Raffles – We can host raffles for tokens or NFT prizes.
  4. Host Crash Clashes -We can host events for your community. Think pokers nights, but playing Moonshot.

What is Moonshot?

  • Fun, social and simple game.
  • Great for community fun through raffles and clash events.
  • Over $500,000 wagered.
  • In-house team working on project for over a year.
  • NFT collection on NEAR. Minting soon on Solana.
  • Find out more on our website about.moonshot.win

Project Partners

We’ve partnered with 15 projects across NEAR, Solana Aptos. We have also been commission to add $BONK by the Bonk Inu team.

We’ll be adding more chains very soon. If you’re on NEAR, Solana or Aptos we’d love to hear from you.

El Cafe Cartel (NEAR)
Bruh Bears

Play Moonshot

Multiply your cryto instantly with Moonshot.