Nearcrash is now Moonshot

Why the change?

Our goal has always been to be the #1 crash game on any chain.

As we’ve added tokens we’ve considered updating our brand to be neutral and cross chain.

And as we look to mint a new collection on a different chain, it’s now essential.. 

We have to stand apart in our own right as the leading crash game across any chain.

Our GEN0 collection remains on NEAR and we’re not leaving. We’re merely spreading our wings, or rather, firing up those rockets to grow our game.

Why Moonshot?

Moonshot is the launching of a spacecraft to the moon.

And in trading crypto/NFT terms it’s the big win, the 100, 1000x.

Both of these meanings represent our game perfectly.

And compared to ‘crash’ it reflects a more positive outcome. We all prefer a moonshot over a crash right?

Everyone wants to win when they’re playing Moonshot.

And for the domain suffix we’ve chosen is .win.

Everyone likes to.

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