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Our in-house team will work closely to integrate Moonshot seamlessly

  • For Moonshot backend integration we have socket-server that provides info about bets and games.
  • For Moonshot frontend integration we provide an iframe that can be embedded on your site.

More information on integration can be provided on request.

What we require for the integration:

  • Access to your API to authorise your user wagers.
  • The API to provide ability to change user balance. We are flexible here – partners can verify bet and then change balance, or just change balance.

How the process works in practice

  • Our partner user comes to the page with Moonshot
  • Partner server connects to our backend socket-server.
  • After connection the user will see live bets and games.
  • Then when the user places / cancels / cashes out bet, this makes the partner send us message on this socker-server connection with special secretToken
  • This token ensures we will know that it was a bet from a particular partner.
  • We then process the bet on our server.
  • And that is processed successfully, we will request partner’s API to change the user balance.
  • After user won/lost the bet. we will request the partner’s API to change the user balance.

We can supply more technical details and have tried to explain as simply as possible.

You’re in safe hands

Our in-house founding team is comprised of experienced developers, designers and marketers.

As well as developing our own games in Moonshot Crash & Double we also have:

  • Helped develop solcrash on Solana.
  • Worked extensively for sports betting companies.
  • Took on and rebuilt Coin Flip and Rock, Papers, Scissors at

Find out more about the team.


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