Multiply your Crypto instantly with Moonshot.


Play with Near, Solana, Sui, Polygon, Aptos, Arbitrum, SEI. You can also play with many community and meme tokens such as BONK.

Ethereum & Bitcoin support coming soon.

It’s the Game – not the Chain.

Nearcrash is now Moonshot – find out why


Multiply your Crypto instantly with Moonshot.

Moonshot is a fun and social game. It consists of a rocket that goes up and up, until it randomly crashes.

Our game is live with over 600,000k games played & more than $2 million USD volume.

Moonshot is simple. You wager an amount & pick a point (multiplier) at which you think the rocket will not explode by.

Wager 0.1 & if it goes beyond 10x, you win 1.

Or pick a lower multiplier like 1.5x. The choice is yours.

You cash out before the crash or lose the wagered amount.


1. Excellent UI

We have the best UI across any crash game. But don’t take our word for it!

2. Fun, Social & Immersive 24/7

Every game at Moonshot happens in real-time. You can chat and have fun with your fellow players as everyone is playing the same game simultaneously.

The game has its own custom in-built chat and a thriving Discord community.

Five of the community playing at the same time.

3. Win Big With Multipliers

No doubt the appeal of a monster multiplier is a big draw! This game went 100x rom 0.1 to 10 NEAR.

4. Giveaways & Challenges

We run all sorts of giveaways suitable for low bet, low volume gamers through to big gun whales.

5. Leaderboards

Everyone loves a leaderboard. And finishing on the podium.

Our leaderboards show the top degens for Net Gains & Big Wins. Check out today’s top pilots

6. Fair With Transaction History

Everyone has equal probability to win and all crash outcomes can be proven as fair. We use the provably fair algorithm and every game is unique and clear. See more and a video explanation at

As well as seeing all deposits and withdrawals within Moonshot, your full wager history is available.

Moonshot In Numbers

Public soft launch on August 11th 2022.

Number of gamers: 3279

Number of games played: 415,897

Average number of games per player: 195

Total volume $USD: 1.28 MILLION



We’re a founding team of skilled, experienced in-house developers, designers and marketers that are passionate about blockchain, NFTs and Web3 communities.

Some of our team have previous experience helping develop solcrash.

We are combining that experience with our own unique design and dev features, with a strong roadmap and marketing strategy.

Soleco – Marketing & Community

Marketing Communications & Partnerships at Moonshot. Passionate about businesses masquerading as NFTs. Experienced, successful builder of degen gaming on Near including growing the #1 Coin Flip. Previous experience, 20 years as entrepreneur running Web2 digital agency and web publisher.

Vsem_ky – Developer

Full Stack Developer at Moonshot. Previous experience working on solcrash. Lover of all things Near.

Sverhrazum – Developer

Backend Developer at Moonshot. Previous experience working on solcrash

Petruchio – Developer

Lead Frontend Developer at Moonshot. Previous experience includes 4 years in Web2.


Keep track of all the work we’re doing to fine tune our game, along with our community and marketing efforts.


  • 28th February – Moonshot is coming to HOT wallet which is the number 1 crypto app with daily active users.
  • 24th February – We’ve pushed a huge UI update to the game and profile page.
  • 9th February – Telegram wallets now supported on Moonshot
  • 5th February – Bitcoin is coming to Moonshot. Our goal has always been to be the number 1 crash game. Adding BTC support is a must.
  • 16th January – We’ve integrated $GUI from Aptos!
  • 3rd January – We’ve integrated $SEI!
  • January – We continue to add community and meme tokens from our chains from Solana, NEAR, SUI, Polygon, Arbitrum and APTOS.

  • 12th December – Iced Out Coin Flip on Polygon commission us for a white label version of Moonshot.
  • 1st November – OKX wallet support added.
  • 27th October – Our first Crash Bonk game night was a great success with over 1.5 billion $BONK wagered.
  • 15th August – Created a new page on our marketing website, ‘Why Hold a Moonshot NFT
  • 14th August – As we add more tokens and crashers play with these, we’ve added a total amount in USD for all wagers in a current game.
  • 1st August – Moonshot NFTs are now on Solana. NEAR holders have the option to port their NFTs.
  • 6th July – New in-game ticket support system, help center and news.
  • 11th May – Expansion of our support team. Welcome Justy!
  • 4th May – SUI added
  • 18th April – Arbitrum added.
  • 3rd April – Polygon added.
  • 27th March – NEW game Double added.
  • 20th Feb – Rebranded to Moonshot
  • 10th Feb – Enhanced Chat UI launched.
  • 9th Feb – One house / bigger wagers!
  • First week with more Solana volume than NEAR in $ terms. 8,805 NEAR, 1,198 SOL, 713 APT, 1.4 BILLION BONK
  • 24th Jan – We’ve developed partnerships (including hosting clashes and an affiliate partnership to add revenue to partner DAOs) with projects across Near, Solana and Aptos. These include GMers, NPunks, El Cafe Cartel, NEKO, Bruh Bears and many more.
  • 9th Jan – We have commissioned by the Bonk Inu team to integrate $BONK.


  • 31st Dec – Hosted a community crash clash for Jump DeFi.
  • 24th Dec – Over 300,000 wagers placed on Nearcrash!
  • 23rd Dec – Launch of our Mega Multiplier Daily Giveaway.
  • 10th Dec – Our first partner community clash! Thanks Bruh Bears
  • 8th Dec – Inaugural Nearcrash Community Clash – 90 Mins. 1,700 Near volume!
  • 4th Dec – Crashback Wheel Of Fortune goes live.
  • 27th Nov – Launch of Nearcrash Big Wins Twitter Account.
  • 24th Nov – New Discord Mod added to the team. Welcome Sparky!
  • 12th Nov – Announcement that we’ve taken over TAYC
  • 6th Nov – Discord Holders Channel
  • 5th Nov – TrevinvsNFT streaming Nearcrash Livestream!
  • 5th Nov – Public launch of our Crashbassador (referral) programme.
  • 29th Oct – Bruh Bears WL Raffle Giveaway.
  • 28th Oct – You can now play Nearcrash with $APT.
  • 27th Oct – You can now play Nearcrash with $SOL.
  • 24th Oct – Second pilot payday. 0.8474N per NFT.
  • 23rd Oct – A momentous moment. All 1,000 pixel pilots have been minted.
  • 21st Oct – First live streaming on Twitch of Nearcrash from Peter Griffin.
  • 20th Oct – Meteor Wallet integration and Tinker Union Giveaway launched.
  • 17th Oct – First pilot payday. 0.5611N per NFT.
  • 13th Oct – Illia (NEAR cofounder) has minted a Nearcrash NFT.
  • 11th Oct – ASAC partnership announced. You’ll soon be able to use that tasty $ASAC to power your rockets.
  • 8th Oct – Public mint goes live.
  • 7th Oct – WL Mint goes live. We now have holders, yay!
  • 30th Sep – Ranking and Achievements goes live.
  • 28th Sep – Added a ‘Leaderboard Degens’ Discord channel. It automatically posts the day’s previous top net gains and big wins.
  • 27th Sep – Minting Details released – WL Collabs opened.
  • 25th Sep – Nearcrash Marketing Website Goes Live
  • 22nd Sep — Full wager history now viewable.
  • 21st Sep — View your full transaction history including all withdrawals and deposits within your profile.
  • 13th Sep — NEAR Protocol’s cofounder is a Nearcrash fan. We had a chat with him at NEARCON and he loves the game and UI.
  • 11th Sep — 260 NEARCON Nearcrash giveaway launched.
  • 8th Sep — Nearcrash set off for NEARCON 2022 in Lisbon.
  • 7th Sep — Date picker added to leaderboard.
  • 5th Sep — Improvements to integrated chat made.
  • 4th Sep— Leaderboards go live! Starting with Net gain and Big wins.
  • 29th Aug — Testing has begun on our referral programme to reward those who bring new gamers and game volume to Near Crash.
  • 26th Aug — Started a promotional campaign with selected partners to offer free taster games as an introduction to Near Crash.
  • 25th Aug — Ran our first giveaway — giving away 20N to players. Lots more to come on challenges and giveaways.
  • 25th Aug — Nearcrash joined ASAC on The Antisocial Show to discuss our project. Listen back at
  • 23rd Aug — Published a guide on our Discord helping those new to NEAR. How to create a wallet and fund it, best marketplaces, handy tools and wallet options.
  • 21st Aug — Added a page — this explains how all games are fair and how you can verify.
  • 20th Aug — We had over 1,000 NEAR volume on the 19th. Wow!
  • 20th Aug — Added a ‘Tasty Wins’ Discord channel. It automatically posts any juicy wins happening on Nearcrash.
  • 19th Aug — Reaches 500 games a day thanks to autoplay.
  • 19th Aug — Made contact with 20+ Near NFT projects to establish relationship and to partner for launch WL collaborations.
  • 17th Aug — Autoplay goes live. Configure your launch settings and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • 15th Aug — Adding Nearcrash Discord Bot to post each day’s key stats.
  • 14th Aug — Internal stats. We’re building an analytics admin panel so we can monitor game volume and help us improve. This is completed but fine tuning it is ongoing.
  • 13th Aug — Nearcrash attracts extensive interest from crash community on Solana.
  • 11th Aug — Chat integrated. Talk with your fellow degens while playing.
  • 11th Aug — Nearcrash launches on mainnet.
  • 8th Aug — Soleco joins founding team to lead marketing.
  • August — Game goes live on testnet.


Why Partner With Moonshot?

1. Additional DAO Revenue Stream

Earn ongoing game fees with gamers referred with your affiliate link.

2. Offer Your Holders Bonus Games

Your holders will have an opportunity to try Moonshot for free.

3. Host Raffles

We can host raffles for tokens or NFT prizes.

4. Host Crash Clashes

We can host events for your community. Think pokers nights, but playing Moonshot.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with 15 projects across NEAR, Solana Aptos.

We have also been commissioned to add $BONK by the Bonk Inu team.

We’ll be adding more chains very soon. If you’re on NEAR, Solana or Aptos we’d love to hear from you.

El Cafe Cartel (NEAR)
Bruh Bears (APTOS)

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